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Jasmine & Rohan — Minted





How do I RSVP?

Click the "RSVP" tab above and enter the name on your invitation. Please follow the instructions to submit your RSVP.

What date should I RSVP by?

No later than July 22nd, 2024.

What can I expect at the Anand Karaj (wedding ceremony)?

This is the Sikh wedding ceremony held in our gurdwara (temple). Guests will be seated on the floor, but there will be a bench and chairs available for those unable to do so. Your head will need to be covered. We will have extra scarves and bandanas available.

What is a baraat?

This is the groom's procession before the wedding ceremony. Music and dancing will accompany Rohan's family and friends as he makes his way to the entrance of the gurdwara (temple).

The couple's friends and guests from the groom's side are encouraged to participate!

What is the dress code?

The attire for a Sikh wedding ceremony is expected to be modest, with heads covered during the ceremony.

The dress code for the evening cocktail hour and reception is black-tie optional, but preferred (including ethnic wear). We want everyone to look and feel their best, so please come dressed to impress!

What is the easiest way to get to and from the wedding venues?

If you are landing at BWI Airport, there are free shuttles available 24/7 to transport you to BWI Hilton and other hotels in the area.

The gurdwara (temple) is located a little over 20 miles away from BWI Hilton. Driving or taking an Uber/Lyft would be the best options for transport between these two locations.

Will your wedding be indoors or outdoors?

The baraat (procession) will be outdoors. The wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception will be indoors.

Am I allowed to bring a plus one?

Our wedding is strictly RSVP only. The number of seats reserved in your name is indicated by how many people you are able to RSVP for. Thank you for your consideration!

Am I allowed to bring my children?

Although we love your little ones, we will only be able to accommodate children specified on invitations for the wedding ceremony. Thank you for your understanding.

Our reception will be an adults-only affair, with the exception of children of immediate family. We want our guests to relax and enjoy themselves!